10th Swiss Chronobiology Meeting, Sep. 2, 2021, UNIFR

10th Swiss Chronobiology Meeting

September 2, 2021
Department of Biology, University of Fribourg
1.100 Grande auditoire
Chemin du Musée 5
[Building No. 9 www.unifr.ch/map/de/perolles.php]

Urs Albrecht and Jürgen Ripperger

Deadline for registration (free of charge): August 30, 2021

Register per email to: urs.albrecht@unifr.ch
Counts as ½ day of continued education in animal experimentation


Thursday, September 2, 2021

  • Morning session (Chair: Urs Albrecht)

09:15:  Welcome (Urs Albrecht)
09:20-09:50  “Differentially phased leaf growth and movements in Arabidopsis depend on coordinated circadian and light regulation”                                 Christian Fankhauser, Lausanne
09:50-10:20   “Shift in excitation-inhibition balance during REM sleep shapes memory consolidation in the prefrontal cortex” Mattia Aime, Bern
10:20-10:40   Coffee Break and Posters
10:40-11:10 A role for the Locus Coeruleus in the continuity-fragility dynamics of NREM sleepAlejandro Osorio Forero, Lausanne
11:10-11:40  “Daily dynamics of transcriptomes: Circadian, sleep-wake driven, and everything in between Maxime Jan, Lausanne
11:40-12:10     Poster viewing
12:10-14:00    LUNCH

  • Afternoon session (Chair: Jürgen Ripperger)

14:00-14:30  “Circadian clocks make metabolism run” Charna Dibner, Geneva 
14:30-15:00  “Circadian clocks guide dendritic cell migration  Christoph Scheiermann, Geneva
15:00-15:30     Coffee Break and Posters
15:30-16:00     “ Circadian traits as quantitative biomarkers in diabetes ”  Ngoc Hien Du, Zürich
16:00-16:30  “Linking circadian rhythm with visual navigation in Drosophila larva Simon Sprecher, Fribourg
16:30-17:00  “PER2 mediates the CREB-dependent light induction of Per1” Andrea Brenna, Fribourg
17:00-17:10     Concluding Remarks (Urs Albrecht)