12 Junior Professor (tenure track) positions available on several topics at the INSERM (accross France)

The INSERM has just launched a call for the recruitment of 12 Junior professors.

The Junior Professorships (CPJ) are intended for researchers with strong potential to manage and lead research teams, as well as to participate in international projects.
These tenure-track positions are based on fixed-term contracts (from 3 to 6 years), and should lead to permanent INSERM positions (as Research Directors).

One position is open at the “Institut du thorax” in Nantes University, under the title : “Risk prediction models for cardiovascular diseases”
We aim at attracting an emerging leader in computational biology willing to develop and apply novel statistical/numerical approaches based on multi-scale data.

More information on the call and on the open positions is available at: https://sp2013.inserm.fr/sites/eva/appels-a-projets/cpj/cpj_2022/Pages/default.aspx

​Université de Clermont
* GReD – U1103
Dynamic regulation of the body axis morphogenesis
​Université de Grenoble
IAB – U1209
​Interactions between epigenome dynamics, cellular metabolism and cellular and mechanical microenvironment
​Université Paris-Est Créteil
IMRB – U955
Sarcophenia: role of phenylalanine in age-related diseases
​Université Paris-SaclayMI2 –  U996VIGILE: Immunosurveillance & skin virome: relationships and role in inflammatory conditions
​Université de Toulouse
* INFINITy, IRSD, RESTORE – U1291, U1220, U1301
CHRONnic diseases: use of Organoids and Stem cells as Therapeutic options
​Université de Caen
* PhIND – U1237
Blood and brain interactions
​Université Paris Cité* IPNP – U1266Signaling pathways and psychiatric diseases
Université de Bordeaux
* BPH – U1219
Methods for interventional research in prevention and health promotion
Sorbonne Université
* iPLESP – U1136
Causal inference in public health using large observational health databases
Université de Lille
PRISM – U1192
Intraoperative mass spectrometry for precision health
​​Université de Nantes
* ITX – U1087
Risk prediction models for cardiovascular diseases
​Aix – Marseille Université
Faculté des Sciences Médicales et Paramédicales
MMG – U1251
Diagnostic Deadlocks in Genetic Diseases