Assistant Professor position in population genomics and quantitative genetics open at the Strasbourg University (FR) – Deadline 31.03.2022

The recruited assistant professor will strengthen the team of teachers of genetics of the Faculty of Life Sciences at the bachelor level. He/she will be more particularly responsible for teaching genetics at the undergraduate level. It will be required to set up an introductory course in quantitative genetics at the undergraduate level as part of the new training offer in 2024. He/she will also be involved in the teaching of classical and population genetics in various courses to master students of the Faculty of Life Sciences. 

In addition, the assistant professor will strengthen the research activities of Molecular Genetics, Genomics and Microbiology Unit (GMGM, UMR 7156) in quantitative genetics, functional genomics and population genomics. The person recruited will be part of the ‘intraspecific variation and evolution of genomes’ team led by Joseph Schacherer. The research project must be in line with the team’s theme and tackle the exploration of one of the following axes: the evolution of genomes, the exploration of genetic / phenotypic diversity or the dissection of the genotype-phenotype relationship. In addition, one of the major objectives of this project will also be to incorporate a single cell analytical dimension at the population level. It may involve model or non-model organisms but must be done through innovative, interdisciplinary approaches and including technological challenges. 

Research fields: Population genomics, quantitative genetics, genotype-phenotype relationship, genome evolution, heritability 

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