BIG SEMINARS 2019-2020

BIG seminars 2019-2020 (Download the poster)

Every first Monday of the month
16h15, Auditorium Biophore Building
UniL-Sorge at Dorigny
Free entrance

BIG is an interdepartmental seminar series, and is organized by Christophe Dessimoz, Ted Farmer, Sophie Martin and Tanja Schwander

4 November 2019  Mariana Wolfner, Cornell University
“Insect afterglow: How male and female contributions regulate reproduction in Drosophila and mosquitoes“
2 December 2019  David Keayes, IMP Vienna
“The mysterious magnetoreceptors“
13 January 2020  Edith Heard, EMBL, Heidelberg
“To be announced“

3 February 2020  Antje Boetius, MPI, Bremen
“To be announced“

2 March 2020  Jane Langdale, University of Oxford
“Understanding the genetic regulation of cell patterning in grass leaves“
6 April 2020  Angela Hay, Max Planck Institute, Cologne
“Creating an explosion – form and function in explosive fruit“