Congratulations to Shanaz on her Musy Prize!

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We are delighted to announce that Shanaz Diessler emerged victorious at the “EPFL Startup Champions Seed Night 2023,” securing the esteemed Musy Prize for her groundbreaking high-tech start-up project. The Musy Prize, awarded biennially, recognizes exceptional women entrepreneurs in the field of high technology, and Dr Diessler’s achievement is a testament to her ingenuity and entrepreneurial prowess. Congratulations to Shanaz on this well-deserved recognition of her visionary work!

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Congratulations to Nouria Hernandez, Doctor Honoris Causa from CSHL!

Nouria Hernandez, Emeritus Professor at the CIG was also Rector of the UNIL between 2016 and 2021 and CIG Director before that.

Prior to joining the CIG, she served as Assistant Professor and then Full Professor at the Cold Spring Harbor School of Biological Sciences which is now awarding her the title of Doctor Honoris Causa. (See complete career path).
Congratulations Nouria!!!

Chiara Auwerx’s work was selected as “SIB Remarkable outputs 2022”, Mar. 2023

Congratulations to Chiara on her selection by the committee who said about her work: “This work represents the most comprehensive examination to date of the relationships between copy-number variations and human phenotypes traits through the use of computational methods.”

This work was also rewarded in Dec. 2022 by the AJHG who showcased Chiara’s paper on its special edition:

Further information on the SIB remarkable outputs 2022:

SIB Bioinformatics Awards 2023 – Deadline 31.01.2023

To promote excellence, diversity and innovation in the field of bioinformatics, SIB created the SIB Bioinformatics Awards to acknowledge international early career bioinformaticians and ground-breaking resources.

The SIB Awards honour bioinformatics excellence, diversity and innovation in three categories:

  • PhD Paper Award – an award that recognizes an outstanding paper published by a PhD student in the area of in silico analysis of biological sequences, structures or processes. More information
  • Early Career Bioinformatics Award – an award to recognize the excellence and promising nature of an international researcher’s early career, based on one or several projects and/or papers focusing on the in silico analysis of biological sequences, structures or processes. More information
  • Bioinformatics Innovative Resource Award – an award that recognizes newly developed bioinformatics resources with an important impact on life science research or the clear potential to make such an impact. More information

Call for entries: 1 November 2022 – 31 January 2023

Candidates from the global bioinformatics community are encouraged to apply for these prestigious awards. Besides a cash prize, all laureates will be invited to present their work at the [BC]2 Basel Computational Biology Conference from 11 – 13 September 2023 in Basel, Switzerland.

Follow the latest news and announcements related to the SIB Awards on SIB’s website, LinkedIn and under @ISBSIB on Twitter (#SIBawards).

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Friedrich Miescher Award 2023 – call for nominations for young biochemists

The call for the Friedrich Miescher Award 2023 is open.
This award is intended to honour young biochemists (under 40) for outstanding achievements in biochemistry.
The deadline for nominations is October 31st , 2022.

More details in the attached pdf.:

Regulations and past winners are available here: