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Zurich Life Science Day – Feb, 8, 2022 – online

The Life Science Zurich Young Scientist Network (LSZYSN) proudly presents the 13th edition of the Zurich Life Science Day! Connect virtually on February 8th from anywhere you wish and join the biggest career fair for life sciences in and around Switzerland.

It offers you the opportunity to:

– get first-hand insights into career paths from company representatives

– meet company representatives at their virtual booth

– listen to inspiring talks including the keynote lecture by Dr. Derrik J. Rossi (Co-founder of Moderna) about “Stem cell science and the genesis of new therapeutic strategies for patients”

– engage in 1-on-1 meetings

– get your CV checked 

– have your CV photo taken by a professional for only 25.00 CHF on 09.02.2022 (Campus Irchel)

Register today for free and catch the “Wave Of Opportunities”!:


DBMV – Internal seminar

Ana Lopez Vazquez will give a seminar on Tuesday November 2, 2021 at 12:15pm in the Biophore Auditorium.

A structure-function study of PKS proteins


Sept 6, 2021 Gene Regulation Workshop in Amphipôle C

The 2021 Gene Regulation Workshop will take place on Monday, Sep. 6 (Amphipôle C)


09:30 : Café, croissants

10:00 : Nadine Vastenhouw, UNIL, CH “The spark of life. Initiating transcription in embryos”
10:50 : Alexander Stark, IMP, Vienna, AT “Decoding transcriptional regulation in Drosophila”
11:40 : Daniel Panne, University of Leicester, UK “Structural insights into genome folding by Cohesin and CTCF”

12:30 : Lunch break

14:30 : Stefanie Jonas, ETHZ, CH “Deciphering structure and function of the Integrator complex”
15:20 : Olivia Rissland, University of Colorado, USA “Regulation of gene expression by codon optimality”
16:10 : Jeffrey Chao, FMI, Basel, CH “Imaging the life and death of mRNAs in single cells”

17:00 : Apéro

As in previous years, we have a great lineup of speakers and attendance is free. However, YOU NEED TO REGISTER BY AUGUST 30 so that we can organize coffee and such. To do so, use the link below:

then click on “registration” on top of the page (click on “not a CUSO doctoral student”).

Hope to see you for a great meeting.


The organizers

Martine Collart, Maria Cristina Gambetta, David Gatfield, Florian Steiner


CUSO workshop on Plant development, Sep. 3, 2021 Deadline Jul. 26, 2021

Johanna Krahmer, Dr., University of Lausanne
Ana Lopez-Vazquez, PhD student, University of Lausanne
Christian Fankhauser, Prof., University of Lausanne

This is a one-day workshop on plant development with a journal club, lectures, interactive discussions, and a poster session.
The lectures will be given by three established group leaders covering different aspects of plant development with a focus on above-ground parts: Dr Edwige Moyroud (Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge), Prof Marja Timmermans (ZMBP, University of Tübingen) and Prof Enrico Coen (John Innes Centre, Norwich). The speakers will give an introduction to their research area and present their own research. Therefore students will not only learn about plant development but also about current research topics, they will be encouraged to think about and discuss the research process and challenges involved.
In order to make students familiar with the topics ahead of the lectures and to allow speakers to focus on their latest research rather than long introduction, students will be asked to read one paper of each speaker in advance. These papers will be discussed in a journal club earlier the same day of the workshop, where UNIL teachers will guide the discussion. The papers will be sent out at least 1 month in advance to the participants, to allow careful reading.
The meeting will finish with a poster session and time for more discussion of students with the speakers and among themselves. Posters should be about the students’ PhD projects – either focussing on results or outlining planned projects for students early on in the PhD.
As an additional feature of this workshop, virtual hubs will be set up at the Leloir Institute and Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology or Rosario (IBR), Argentina and the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. These hubs will be two-way interactive during the lectures and discussions and one-to-one virtual meetups during the poster session will be possible. This is to allow students at these other universities to benefit and to give an opportunity for interaction between students in different countries as we realise that these days graduate students do not have much opportunity to do this due to the pandemic.
This hybrid on-site / virtual strategy is also a chance for students and organisers to become familiar with novel conference formats that allow international participation with local in-person meetings but without the need for time-consuming travel and associated CO2 emissions.

If required due to the pandemic, this meeting will be converted to an entirely virtual format.


Further information:


10th Swiss Chronobiology Meeting, Sep. 2, 2021, UNIFR

10th Swiss Chronobiology Meeting

September 2, 2021
Department of Biology, University of Fribourg
1.100 Grande auditoire
Chemin du Musée 5
[Building No. 9]

Urs Albrecht and Jürgen Ripperger

Deadline for registration (free of charge): August 30, 2021

Register per email to:
Counts as ½ day of continued education in animal experimentation


Thursday, September 2, 2021

  • Morning session (Chair: Urs Albrecht)

09:15:  Welcome (Urs Albrecht)
09:20-09:50  “Differentially phased leaf growth and movements in Arabidopsis depend on coordinated circadian and light regulation”                                 Christian Fankhauser, Lausanne
09:50-10:20   “Shift in excitation-inhibition balance during REM sleep shapes memory consolidation in the prefrontal cortex” Mattia Aime, Bern
10:20-10:40   Coffee Break and Posters
10:40-11:10 A role for the Locus Coeruleus in the continuity-fragility dynamics of NREM sleepAlejandro Osorio Forero, Lausanne
11:10-11:40  “Daily dynamics of transcriptomes: Circadian, sleep-wake driven, and everything in between Maxime Jan, Lausanne
11:40-12:10     Poster viewing
12:10-14:00    LUNCH

  • Afternoon session (Chair: Jürgen Ripperger)

14:00-14:30  “Circadian clocks make metabolism run” Charna Dibner, Geneva 
14:30-15:00  “Circadian clocks guide dendritic cell migration  Christoph Scheiermann, Geneva
15:00-15:30     Coffee Break and Posters
15:30-16:00     “ Circadian traits as quantitative biomarkers in diabetes ”  Ngoc Hien Du, Zürich
16:00-16:30  “Linking circadian rhythm with visual navigation in Drosophila larva Simon Sprecher, Fribourg
16:30-17:00  “PER2 mediates the CREB-dependent light induction of Per1” Andrea Brenna, Fribourg
17:00-17:10     Concluding Remarks (Urs Albrecht)


Seminars of candidates for Professorship at the CIG, June 24-25, 2021 in Aud. B

Thursday June 24, 2021

09:00Zita Carvalho dos Santos, Champalimaud Foundation (PT)
The impact of germline metabolic reprogramming on reproduction and physiology
09:50Olivier Delaneau, UNIL (CH)
Computational inference of the human genome structure and function
10:40coffee break
11:00Tatjana Kleele, EPFL (CH) 
Dissecting the mechanism of mitochondrial fission using live-cell super-resolution microscopy
11:50Justin Crocker, EMBL (DE)       
Multidimensional approaches to decoding the mysteries of animal evolution and development

Friday June 25, 2021

09:00Martin Denzel, Max Planck, Cologne (DE) 
Mutagenesis screens define new roles of metabolism and protein synthesis in longevity
09:50Fanny Langlet, UNIL (CH)   
Deciphering body weight control by tanycytes: from genes to physiology
10:40coffee break
11:00Mattia Zampieri, ETHZ (CH)      
Unravelling metabolic regulation in cancer unlocks new tools in drug discovery
11:50Marc Schneeberger Pane, Rockefeller (USA)
Novel neuronal circuits in energy metabolism regulation