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End of the year celebrations 2019 and awards

Thank you to all the persons who attended to and actively participated in the End of the year event !

More than 10 amazing groups took part to the dressing up contest, but it is the Genopode animal facility who received the award of the best group outfit. The neutral selection committee, constituted of the DBC PIs, also honored the remarkable effort made by the Black swan, the Spielberg’s, the Incredibles and the Adams’ family (CF) teams.


Two brilliant women also succeeded at working their list of 10 words in discussions at the dinner:
Linh from the van Leeuwen lab (1 list of 10 and 3 from a second list) and  Nina from the Franken lab (12 words cumulated from 2 lists).

The CIG warmly congratulates the winners of these contests and activities but we also want to distinguish all the CIG members who worked hard and collaborated to make and wear realistic colorful outfits. We hope all the participants will take part to it next year so the level of the competition will increase even further!

*** Pictures ***

Pictures can be uploaded and downloaded from the following shared switch drive file: 

Thank you to the photographers Liliane, Fabienne and Stéphanie for already sharing their pictures with all of us.




Welcome to Johanna !

I’m a postdoc in the Fankhauser lab where I am looking for genes that fine-tune phototropic responses of Arabidopsis seedlings to directional blue light. Before moving to Lausanne I lived in Edinburgh where I did my PhD with Andrew Millar on post-translational modifications in the plant circadian clock, and a postdoc with Karen Halliday on plant metabolism in phytochrome mutants.


The RTS radio program CQFD interviewed M.Jan from the Franken lab, Nov. 29, 2019

Le manque de sommeil a des conséquences à long terme. Il favorise le développement de maladies non transmissibles comme les troubles du métabolisme. Plus inquiétant encore: même si le manque de sommeil est rattrapé, les problèmes demeurent!
Cʹest ce que viennent de démontrer des chercheurs de lʹUniversité de Lausanne (Unil) et de lʹEcole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

Les détails avec Maxime Jan, bio-informaticien à lʹUnil, interrogé par Bastien Confino.


Lire la publication:

Ecouter l’interview de M. Jan du groupe P. Franken:

Dossier sur le sommeil:

Article sur le magazine de l’UNIL; L’actu:


Welcome to Giti !

Hi everybody!

I am Giti Ghazi Soltani and I just joined the Soyk lab as PhD student.

I started my University studies in Agricultural Sciences with a focus on Plant Pathology at the University of Tabriz, Iran.

I completed a Master’s degree in the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris on taxonomy of a pollinator bee species. Then, I joined the group of Niko Geldner at UNIL in 2017, where I studied the role of a gene family in plant volatile perception in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

In the Soyk lab, I am interested in identifying genes and genetic interactions that regulate meristem development and plant architecture in the model crop tomato.


Welcome to the Roignant and Soyk laboratories! Aperitif at 4 p.m. on Thu. 5th of Dec. 2019

To welcome the research groups of Jean-Yves Roignant and Sebastian Soyk recently arrived at the CIG, an aperitif is organized this Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019 from 4 p.m in the building’s main hall.

All welcome!

*** Please bring your own glass / tankard / mug / flask …***



Welcome to Anastasiia !

My name is Anastasiia, but everyone calls me Nana. I am from Ukraine, and I am excited to be starting my PhD at the Gambetta lab here at the CIG!

I’ve got both my Bachelors and Masters degrees in Biology from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. During my studies, I did an internship at Karolinska Institutet(2016), investigating the role of MRP S18-2 in the process of epithelial–mesenchymal transition. In 2018, I completed an internship in Microbiology at Umea University (Cava group), working on peptidoglycan modifications in B. thailandensis. My Master thesis, titled “DNA loop domains organisation in glioblastoma cell lines” included investigation of chromatin reorganisation in cancer cells under different growth conditions.

Outside my scientific interests, I am passionate about creative writing, Scandinavian culture and exploring the great outdoors.