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CIG’s end of the year celebrations 2018

Thank you to all the participants who gathered last Thursday evening to celebrate the end of the year.

A switchdrive document was created to enable you all to upload your pictures and share them with your colleagues:  

Congratulations again to:

Group Benton who won the Cocktail contest 2018 !
Manon Gervais (group BT) who won “the best outfit prize”!
Sonia Jimenez (group PF) who won the 1st CIG Murder mystery game. She found out F. Sauvain was the murderer of L. Walpen.


Richard Benton’s inaugural lecture, Jan. 18, 2019, 5pm, Aud. B, Génopode

Prof. R. Benton a été nommé professeur ordinaire au Centre intégratif de génomique (CIG) de l’UNIL dès le 1er août 2018.

«Chacun son cerveau
l’évolution de la perception sensorielle»

Vendredi 18 janvier 2019, 17h00
Génopode B | UNIL-Sorge | Lausanne
Affiche: Download the poster

Entrée libre et gratuite.
Au plaisir de vous y retrouver nombreux !


Congratulations to C.Fankhauser

Prof. C. Fankhauser will be vice-President at the “Conseil de la Section des sciences fondamentales” from Jan. 1, 2019 till Dec. 31, 2020.

A. Roulin will remain President of the SFF council.



Fare (very very) well Fisun, Vincent and their lab members!

The CIG would like to wish Prof. Fisun Hamaratoglu, Prof. Vincent Dion and their group members all the best in the next chapter of their careers.


Welcome to Sevasti !

My name is Sevasti Gaspari and from November 2018 I am a member of the Prof. Thorens’ lab as a postdoctoral researcher. After obtaining a B.Sc in Biology and a M.Sc in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine at University of Crete (Greece), I continued with a Ph.D in Neurobiology in the lab of Dr. Zachariou at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (NY), with a main focus on the role of Regulation of G-protein Signaling in chronic pain and responses to opioids. I applied murine mouse models, biochemistry and whole transcriptome analysis to investigate signal transduction adaptations in the brain associated with long term pain states, and prolonged exposure to opioids. “Staying in the brain” from now on I will be focusing on the exploration of neuronal circuits controlling feeding behavior and glucose homeostasis.


Congratulation to Sophie Croizier!

Sophie Croizier from the Thorens lab received the best talk award at the LIMNA Symposium “Central regulation of metabolism and feeding” that was held on November 8, 2018 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.