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SNSF & Innosuisse funding scheme events, Nov. 5 & 11 and Dec. 11, 2020

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Innosuisse will organise three information events for researchers from all higher education institutions on November 5th and 11th 2020 and on December 11th 2020.

You will be able to attend these presentations of the SNSF and Innosuisse funding schemes online and you will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the persons responsible by Q&A sessions.

Do not hesitate to consult the program and to sign up through the link : 


Seminars of candidates for SNSF Eccellenza assistant professor with fellowship, 22-23.10.2020

To access the webminars: https://unil.zoom.us/j/96630540114

Thursday Oct. 22

9h00: Nicolas Battich,  Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht (NL)
“The lifecycle of mRNAs at the single-cell level”
10h00: interview with PIs only (all other participants are requested to leave the meeting)

15h00: Lena van Giesen, Harvard University, Cambridge (USA)
“Molecular basis of chemo tactile sensation in Octopus”
16h00: interview with PIs only (all other participants are requested to leave the meeting)

17h00: Samira Asgari, Harvard Medical School, Harvard (USA)
“Leveraging population differences to learn about the genetic basis of complex traits”
18h00: interview with PIs only (all other participants are requested to leave the meeting)

Friday Oct. 23

15h00: Laurence Lemaire, Lewis Sigler institute for integrative genomics, Pinceton University (USA)
“From single cell transcriptome lineages to a gene regulatory brain map: Identification of the proto-hypothalamic territory”
16h00: interview with PIs only (all other participants are requested to leave the meeting)

17h00: Alessandro De Simone, Duke University Medical Center, Durham (USA)
“Listening to the scale-beat: signalling waves and tissue morphogenesis in zebrafish regeneration.”
18h00: interview with PIs only (all other participants are requested to leave the meeting)


Following the information given by the vice-rector in charge of « Sustainability and Campus », here are some safety measures that must be applied by all from Sep. 7, 2020

 Information on COVID measures at UNIL is available to everyone on the website: https://www.unil.ch/coronavirus/en/home.html.  We give some excerpts and details below.

From Monday September 7 onwards, everyone coming on campus has to make sure he or she has a mask. Wearing a mask will be required for moving within the buildings, including cafeterias and libraries, and as soon as the distance of 1.5 meters cannot be respected.

Each UNIL employee, student and researcher will receive a cloth mask at the beginning of September, which has the advantage of being washable and thus reusable. Disposable masks are also available and distributed according to the rules of each department, as before.

It is also essential that everyone disinfect their hands on a regular basis using the distributors present in the building entrances as well as in common areas in each department.

Finally, the presence of each employee in the building must be clearly announced according to the rules in force in each department or platform. Use of the SwissCovid app is strongly recommended.


What events can take place on campus?

A document on the prioritization of the occupation of the premises from September to December 2020 on the Dorigny campus is available on this link:

https://unil.ch/coronavirus/files/live/sites/coronavirus/files/Update/Covid-manifestation-priorites-protocole A2021.pdf

Since UNIL’s basic mission is teaching and research, priority is given to events directly concerning these two fields, such as colloquia, thesis defences, etc. And if there is space and availability, other types of events will be allowed. We should therefore not imagine being able to make up for the events cancelled in the 2020 spring semester, or to organize as many as usual, given the current conditions and the limited capacity of the premises.

During this period, aperitifs and other coffee-croissant meetings can only take place in the food service areas (cafeterias and restaurants) with all participants seated in compliance with health regulations. Aperitifs organized within a given room or department are not authorized.


Nouria Hernandez was interviewed in “Tribune de Genève” regarding her last year as Rector of the UNIL

Dernière ligne droite pour la rectrice

Nouria Hernandez, rectrice de l’UNIL, tire sa révérence. L’occasion de revenir sur un mandat marqué par la situation inédite du semi-confinement.




CIG outing day

Thanks to all the participants of the ski/snowshoeing day/visit of the Castle in Grandson. It was fun !!!


Béatrice Desvergne was in “Allez savoir!” magazine for the book she authored

A review on B. Desvergne’s book “De la biologie à la médecine personnalisée. Mieux soigner demain ” was published:


Professeure au Centre intégratif de génomique, Béatrice Desvergne nous propose d’embarquer pour un grand voyage, de la recherche en laboratoire jusqu’aux avancées les plus récentes de la médecine. Après un chapitre sur la biologie moléculaire, qui nous emmène au sein des cellules, la chercheuse traite de la biologie des systèmes et de la modélisation du vivant, qui s’appuie sur les quantités impressionnantes de données que récoltent aujourd’hui les biologistes.

Médecine personnalisée
Une fois dotés de cet indispensable bagage, la scientifique guide ses lecteurs sur les rivages de la médecine personnalisée, avec ses promesses, ses succès (certaines maladies rares ou cancers), mais également ses limites: l’auteure ne se départit jamais de son regard critique, et aborde les questions éthiques et sociétales que posent ces innovations.
Un glossaire et des schémas enrichissent utilement cet ouvrage.

Lire l’article parut sur Genomyx: http://www.genomyx.ch/22725-2/

Lire l’article paru dans le magazine “Allez savoir!”: https://com-www.unil.ch/allezsavoir/AS073.pdf  (page 41)