Thursdays at 4PM, Aud B: CIG meeting series

Every Thursday afternoon from 16h until 17h in Auditorium
B, Genopode
full program:

When? What? How? Why?
Two persons (a PhD student and a Postdoctoral Fellow) will
present their work in a presentation of 20 minutes followed
by 5-10 minutes for all questions you can think of.
Afterwards, drinks will be offered in the common hall. 
This seminar series is an initiative from the assistants
themselves. They expressed the need for more interaction
between all groups at the CIG. These seminars should be a
possibility to present your work for a bigger audience and
hopefully we will know more about each-other's research
after each session.

You can find the schedule for February until June in the
attachment. So, mark your date in your agenda.

The decision to continue floor meetings is up to each floor.
We encourage you to discuss this matter in your next floor

Best regards,
Gwendoline Degueurce and Laura Steinbusch, PhD