CIG Seminars Fall 2016 Program

CIG Seminars Fall 2016

Monday 12:15, Génopode, auditorium B, followed by sandwiches

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Monday September 26, 2016
Marcus Stensmyr, Lund University, SE
«Drosophila neuroecology»
Hosts: PhD students & Postdocs

Monday October 10, 2016
Eric Bapteste, Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine, FR
«Network-thinking: Graphs to analyze microbial complexity and evolution»
Host: Christophe Dessimoz

Monday October 17, 2016
Jenny Morton, University of Cambridge, UK
«CAG.CAG repeat instability in mouse models of Huntington’s disease»
Host: Vincent Dion

Monday October 24, 2016
Thomas Flatt, University of Lausanne, CH
«The genomic basis of adaptation in drosophila»
Host: Fisun Hamaratoglu

Monday October 31, 2016
Julio Saez-Rodriguez, RWTH-Aachen University, DE
«Computational models to understand and combat cancer: From clinical genomics to logical modelling»
Host: Ioannis Xenarios

Monday November 14, 2016
Leonid Mirny, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
«Biophysics of genome (re)organization»
Host: Andrzej Stasiak

Monday November 28, 2016 postponed: January 16, 2017
Jan van der Meer, University of Lausanne, CH
«The secret life of mobile DNA in bacteria»
Host: Liliane Michalik

Monday December 12, 2016
Lindy McBride, Princeton University, USA
«Genes, molecules, and circuits underlying the evolution of mosquito preference for human odor»
Host: Richard Benton

Monday December 19, 2016
Eduardo Moreno, Centro Champalimaud, Lisbon, PT
«Regulating the cellular composition of our bodies using fitness fingerprints»
Host: Fisun Hamaratoglu