Genotyping facility

Genotyping facility : CIG common facility



The main activity of this service is to screen (by specific PCR amplification) transgenic mice housed at the CIG animal facility.

The staff

Head of the facility: Fabienne Lammers (Monday and Wednesday all day, Tuesday and Friday AM)
Fabienne.Lammers (at)
Lab technicians : Katharina Hausherr (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Katharina.Hausherr (at)
Supervisor : Nicole Vouilloz
Nicole.Vouilloz (at)
Scientific advisor : Professor Alexandre Reymond
Alexandre.Reymond (at)


The facility is located in laboratory 2013 in the Génopode building (tel : 021/692 4136).

For any request please contact : cig_genotyping (at)


The facility realises routine PCR with the use of a robot (Freedom EVO from Tecan) for series of 20 or more samples.
The robot performs pipeting manipulations for :

  • fast DNA preparation from ear biopsies (link to biopsy and extraction protocols)
  • pipeting DNA and mastermix in PCR microplates
  • loading agarose gels (E-gels de Invitrogen) or running on QIAxcel system

Screens made in routine are available on request.

The facility is able to transfer manual screen to robot analyse (primers testing, DNA extraction, amplification parameters…) or to optimize a new screen (for example moving from Southern to PCR analysis, establishment of a new protocol…).

Results of the genotyping are entered by the facility into the Pyrat system database, co-managed with the animal facility.

An analyses request form should be joined with the samples. Links to the request form (en/fr):

Samples are stored 6 months in the laboratory after genotyping.
Price of analyses are fixed by the CIG direction and bills are established for each research group.

For any request please contact : cig_genotyping (at)