Famelab 2022 contest

Registration is now open for FameLab Switzerland 2022

Are you passionate about science? Do you think it is your duty to share it with society? Do you love to entertain your family and friends with the latest scientific discovery or fun science facts? Would you like to challenge yourself and test your public speaking skills?

Come and join FameLab 2022, one of the biggest science communication competitions in the world and become the new face of science in Switzerland! The best participant will have the honour of representing Switzerland at the FameLab International final at the Cheltenham Science Festival.The competition is open to everyone studying or working in STEM subjects (Life Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Social Sciences).  

Win over the crowd and the judges with an original 3-minute talk on a scientific topic of your choice. Be scientifically accurate, but clear and charismatic! Let go of the PowerPoint safety net; you can bring on stage props or your best costume!

Get inspired by:
Famelab Switzerland 2021 winner Hugo Cui (EPFL) FameLab 2020 International winner,
FameLab Switzerland 2020 winner Sauradeep Majumdar (EPFL), FameLab Switzerland 2019 winner Outman Akouissi (EPFL), FameLab Switzerland 2018 winner Dmitry Kopelyanskiy (UNIL) and more!

Because of the current situation, FameLab will adapt its format and go virtual this year.
The deadline for submitting your application is the 18th of March 2022

The FameLab Romandie semi-finals 2022 will take place on the 5th of April 2022.

Do you need a better idea of what participating entails? Watch this video: https://buff.ly/2TqgAwx⠀
Live streaming of Swiss 2021 final https://youtu.be/sI8uqXPb61U


Please make sure you are free on each planned date, and check your eligibility and the detailed competition rules.

For more information on FameLab 2022 in Switzerland visit the dedicated page
Any questions? Contact us at info@bsnl.ch.