Fri May 20, 2016 Integrative Experimental and Computational Biology Program Student Symposium


Friday May 20
Genopode Auditorium A




14h00-14h25 – Maria Nicla Loviglio (A. Reymond Group): The genetic landscape of the 16p11.2 locus

14h25-14h50 – Bin Yang (Dion Group): Do chromatin modifying enzymes work locally at the repeat tract to affect trinucleotide repeat instability?

14h50-15h15 – Maxime Jan (Xenarios Group/Franken Group): Systems genetics of sleep: mine, explore, select

15h15-15h45 – Coffee break

15h45-16h10 – Franziska Gruhl (Kaessmann Group): Identification, characteristics and evolution of mammalian circular RNAs

16h10-16h35 – Trestan Pillonel (Greub Group): Bacterial genome sequencing in clinical microbiology

16h35-17h10 – Tiziana Caputo (Desvergne Group): Dissecting the impact of epigenetics on the onset of obesity-related inflammation in white adipose tissue

17h10-17h35 – Leonor Rib (Herr Group): Transcriptional responses in the mouse liver: Integrating experimental and computational approaches