Fri Nov 23, 2012 StarOmics minisymposium: Biochemical pathways and large scale metabolic networks, GEN

Friday November 23, 2012

Auditorium A, Génopode

9:00 – 16:00

StarOmics minisymposium
Biochemical pathways and large scale metabolic networks

Participation is free, sandwich and coffee breaks are included

09:00 Welcome address by the organisers
09:15 Christophe Dessimoz, EBI, UK
Inferring hierarchical orthologous groups and quality of computationally predicted gene
ontology annotations
10:00 coffee break
10:30 David Vallenet, Genoscope, Evry, F
Enzyme survey and how to find new ones
11:15 Christoph Kaleta, Univ. Jena, D
Identification of evolutionary trade-offs governing the evolution of regulatory networks
controling metabolism in E. coli
12:00 lunch break
13:15 Jörg Stelling, BSSE-ETHZ, CH
Inferring the control of metabolic networks
14:00 Matthias Heinemann, Univ. Groningen, NL
Letting the “omes” play together
14:45 coffee break
15:15 Janna Hastings, EBI, UK
Ontologies and their role in pathways and metabolic reconstructions
16:00 Final remarks and farewell