Henrik Kaessmann awarded the 2014 Cloëtta prize

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The 2014 Cloetta prize was awarded to Professor Henrik Kaessmann on Nov. 14 in Zürich.

From the press release: “In the area of basic research, Prof. Henrik Kaessmann of the University of Lausanne is being presented with the award for his fundamentally new discoveries in the field of molecular genetics. The nature of diversification in higher mammals is the subject of intense discussion among palaeontologists and molecular geneticists. Prof. Kaessmann’s work on the molecular changes associated with this development has attracted considerable attention worldwide. The studies carried out in Lausanne have been made possible by state-of-the-art molecular biology techniques and data analysis.”

Professor Kaessmann is the 3rd member of the CIG to have won this prize, after Professor Hernandez in 2007 and Professor Thorens in 2002.   Link to the UNIL actualités website   Link to the Cloëtta website