ISREC-SCC Symposium 2018 September 8-11, 2018

We invite you to attend the next ISREC-SCC Symposium 2018

September 8-11, 2018, in Lausanne, Switzerland

Following on from the ISREC Symposia in 2011 to 2016, the next ISREC Symposium, to be held in Lausanne in September 2018, will focus on broad themes ­ horizons ­ in cancer biology and therapy. This symposium is presented under the auspices of the multi-institutional Swiss Cancer Center (SCC), which leverages complementary expertise from our partner institutions: the University Hospital & Medical Center (CHUV) of the University of Lausanne (UNIL), the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), Ludwig Cancer Research (Ludwig), the University Hospital & Medical Center (HUG) of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics (SIB) and the ISREC Foundation. An exciting roster of basic, translational, and clinical cancer scientists will present their results and implications.



Steve Baylin

Carlos Caldas

Lew Cantley

Karen Circhowski

Lisa Coussens

Michele De Palma

Karin de Visser

Tyler Jacks



Guido Kroemer

Scott Lowe

Joan Massagué

Drew Pardoll

Jeffrey Pollard

Nicholas Restifo

Antoni Ribas

Michel Sadelain

Erik Sahai

Charles Sawyers            Jeff Settleman

Sheila A. Stewart

Charles Swanton

Susan Topalian


     Vander Heiden

Jacco von Rheenen

Laurence Zitvogel


The 2018 ISREC SCC Symposium will present an excellent opportunity to hear the latest results from and interact with exceptional cancer researchers, in the context of invited talks, short talks – selected from proffered abstracts, and posters. Topics to be covered include all of the hallmarks of cancer, with a focus on tumor immunology and mechanism guided therapies. We envision an inspirational gathering.



  1. Horizons
  2. Immunotherapy
  3. Cancer Genetics
  4. Metabolic Phenotypes
  5. Tumor Microenvironment
  6. Epigenetics
  7. Microbiome
  8. Therapeutic Strategies & Drug Design
  9. Metastasis and Cancer Stem Cells


As a local participant, you may register for only 250 CHF (early) or 350 CHF (late).


The Organizing Committee

Douglas Hanahan, Johanna Joyce, Ping-Chih Ho, Elisa Oricchio, Michele De Palma, George Coukos, Gian-Paolo Dotto, Joerg Huelsken