Lecturer position available in molecular genetics of yeasts, Univ. of Lyon (FR)

The recruited person will join the “Microbial Genetics” teaching team. She should have good knowledge general in microbiology and genetics. Deeper skills in yeast molecular genetics are essential in order to ensure specific lessons.

The research will be carried out within UMR5240 Microbiology Adaptation Pathogenesis, which develops research to decipher molecular mechanisms of adaptive processes in microorganisms. The recruited person will bring his skills to the “Signalling and Adaptive Mechanisms in Yeasts” (SMAL) team, which identified and characterized many elements involved in the detection and transmission of nutritional signals and particularly glucose in different yeast genera in recent years. His project will consist in elucidating the dynamics of networks interaction between the different factors of glucose signaling and their spatiotemporal coordination during the implementation instead of the adaptive response to carbon sources. These still poorly understood processes will be analyzed using multi-scale proteomics and interactomics approaches coupled with functional genetics and biology analyzes cellular. This project will be extended to models of pathogenic fungi in collaboration with the GFCP team of UMR5240 in order to promote the development of the transversal axis “Microbial interfaces: from structure to signaling” within the UMR5240. The transversality of the skills provided will be of great benefit to the rest of the unit. The candidate should have solid expertise in yeast genetics and cell biology and an excellent ability to team working. Skills in proteomics and/or interactomics will be highly appreciated.

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