LS2 Satellite Meeting DNA topoisomerases and DNA topology, Sep. 16-17, 2017


Welcome to the LS2 Satellite Meeting “DNA topoisomerases and DNA topology” on 16-17 September 2017

This meeting takes place directly before the EMBO workshop on DNA topoisomerases and DNA topology (17–21 September 2017) in the Eurotel Victoria, Les Diablerets, Switzerland. The meeting is free for the first 20 students and Postdocs, their additional hotel night will be fully reimbursed by LS2

Of course additional participants are welcome and would need to pay the extra night (125 CHF pp in double room/155 CHF pp in single room) plus 122 CHF for the catering and room rental package (see “Hotel reservation”).

Upon registration, all participants have to submit an abstract and may be selected for a talk at the meeting by the meeting chair.

Chair of the meeting will be Anna Hélène Bizard (University of Copenhagen).

Further information: