Mon Feb 10-Tues Feb 11, 2020 – Lausanne Genomics Days 2020

Lausanne Genomics Days 2020

is an annual event sponsored by the University of Lausanne and the Conférence Universitaire de Suisse Occidentale (CUSO). This 2-day event will bring to Lausanne investigators from Europe and the United States to present and discuss the newest developments in genomics and genomic technologies and their impact on biological research.

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Monday & Tuesday February 10  & 11, 2020

Génopode, Aud. C


Preliminary Program (with webpage links)


Monday February 10th


09:30-10:00 Welcome and coffee in the Génopode hall


10:00-11:45 Translation regulation session

Session’s chaiperson

Prof. Sven Bergmann


Keynote presentation speaker

10:00 Prof. Tamir Tuller

Computational deciphering and modelling of novel gene expression rules encoded in the mRNA


Local speakers

10:45 Dr. Anneke Brümmer (Prof. Sven Bergman group)

LincRNA sequences are biased to counteract their translation

11:00 Dr. Cedric Gobet (Prof. Felix Naef lab)

Modeling ribosome dwell times and relationships with aminoacyl-tRNAs in mouse liver

11:25 Prof. David Gatfield

Transcriptome-wide sites of collided ribosomes reveal sequence determinants of translational pausing


11:45-13:00 Lunch in the Génopode hall


13:00-14:45 RNA processing session

Session’s chaiperson

Dr. Julien Marquis


Keynote presentation speaker

13:00 Prof. Stefan Ameres

SLAMseq – Dissecting gene regulatory mechanisms by time-resolved RNA sequencing


Local speakers

13:45 Dr. Flora Brozzi (Prof. Romano Regazzi lab)

RNA-tagging to unveil beta-cell/immune cell crosstalk in diabetes pathogenesis

14:05 Dr. Rodrigo Siqueira Reis (Prof. Yves Poirier lab)

Complex mRNA-antisense lncRNA interaction revealed by SHAPE-MaP

14:25 Lina Worpenberg (Prof. Jean Yves Roignant lab)

Shaping the nervous system by m6A mRNA modification


14:45-15:15 Coffee break in the Génopode hall


15:15-16:55 Gene editing session

Session’s chaiperson

Prof. Julia Santiago Cuellar

Keynote presentation speaker

15:15 Prof. Martin Jinek

Molecular mechanisms of genome editors


Local speakers

15:55 Dr. Robertas Ursache (Prof. Niko Geldner lab)

CRISPR and the new age of genetic analysis in Arabidopsis

16:20 Dr. Lotte Spel (Prof. Fabio Martinon lab)

Understanding molecular mechanisms in autoinflammation using CRISPR screens


16:45 Apéro in the Génopode hall


Tuesday February 11th

09:30-10:00 Welcome and coffee in the Génopode hall


10:00-11:45 Microbiome analysis session

Session’s chaiperson

Prof. Philipp Engel


Keynote presentation speaker

10:00 Prof. Colin Hill

A voyage through the gut virome


Local speakers

10:45 Dr. Kirsten Ellegaard (Prof. Philipp Engel lab)

Getting quantitative on the Microbiome: vast differences in strain-level diversity among host-associated bacterial communities

11:05 Paddy Gibson (Prof. Jan-Willem Veening lab)

Deciphering the origins of amoxicillin resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae through experimental evolution and NGS

11:25 Prof. Guillem Salazar Guiral

Disentangling the effects of gene expression changes and community turnover in the global ocean


11:45-13:30 Lunch in the Génopode hall


13:30-15:15 Evolution Session

Session’s chaiperson

Prof. Tanja Schwander


Local speakers

13:30 Prof. Anne Roulin

Transposable element evolution in small genomes What can we learn from population genomics in B. distachyon?

13:50 Jelisaveta Djordjevic

Sexual conflict and the ontogeny of sex-biased gene expression in stick insects

14:10 Tom Kay

Position in the social network is a central driver of behavior and gene expression in ants


Keynote presentation speaker

14:30 Prof Detlev Arendt

Evolution of neurons and of the nervous system