New CIG social committee

Hello you! Yes, you, in front of your computer!
You’re bored because you cannot do anything during corona time?
You are new and you would like to meet new people and have fun?
You’re an old CIG member but you want to update your knowledge of new faces around?

Well, here is great news for you :
We have the pleasure to announce you the creation of a Social Committee in the Genopode.

Who are we?
Athéna, Post-DocRoignant group, 3rd floor,
Chiara, PhD student, Roignant group, 3rd floor
Linh, PhD student, Van Leeuwen group, 4th floor
Lina, PhD student, Roignant group, 3rd floor
Nina, PhD student, Franken group, 3rd floor
Noémie, PhD student, Vastenhouw group, 4th floor

What is the concept?
Connect CIG people with fun activities!

What do we do?
-New comers’ round: meet the new and fresh people coming to CIG, every four months
-Happy Thursday 😀 : Have fun with your CIG mates, every two weeks

For now, the sanitary situation does not allow us to do real life events. However, we will adapt the different activities to the situation at a given time and we have a lot of ideas!
You know what you would like to do? Let us know!

Incoming events:
-> Thursday 4th of February, 18:30: “Among us” session
Fun online event:
You are in a spaceship ready for departure with your crew. But an impostor is around and is trying to kill everybody and use sabotage to cause chaos. Find him/her, explode him/her and take off safely!
Sign in and save your place here:

You want to join the organization team and “make CIG great again”?
Email us and join the adventure:

See you soon at the events!