Open position: Experienced research technician, Santa Cruz, U.S.A

The Haussler laboratory at UC Santa Cruz has an immediate opening for an experienced research technician proficient in human stem cell culture, molecular biology procedures, and laboratory environment organization. This position is employed by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which conducts scientific research in laboratories affiliated with leading academic centers throughout the United States.
Research in the Haussler laboratory focuses on two areas: 

  • Understanding the role of non-protein-coding regions of the human genome, including those encoding ncRNAs and DNA regulatory elements on the transcriptional programs underlying vertebrate development, using in vitro differentiation of human and primate embryonic stem cells and mouse models to study these processes;
  • Developing cancer cell-line models to mimic specific tumor types based on extensive genome-wide analysis of transcription, genomic alterations, and epigenetic modifications of tumor samples and candidate cell lines; these experiments involve various molecular biology techniques, including high-throughput DNA sequence analysis and mammalian cell culture.

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