Open positions: PhD students and Postdocs in Sweden (June 2014)

Ph.D. Student and Post-Doctoral open positions

The laboratory of Metabolic Stress Biology is recruiting new lab members at the Ph.D.
student level and at Post-Doctoral level.

Research in the lab is focused on the study of the immuno-metabolism of obesity and its
role in obesity-related diseases (in particular type-2 diabetes and cancer).

Interested candidates are invited to apply by e-mail at the following address:

The application must include the following:
1) A cover letter. Please state whether you are applying to a Ph.D. student position or to a
post-doctoral position and explain your motivation to pursue a Ph.D. thesis or postdoctoral
research and your long-term objectives.
2) A Curriculum Vitae indicating date of birth, date and degree of graduation, and
research experience.

Please send your application to the attention of:
Giovanni Solinas, Professor of Molecular Medicine
Department of Molecular and Clinical Medicine
University of Gothenburg,
Gothenburg, Sweden