PhyloSIB 2020: the Swiss meeting on phylogenetics – Wed. Jan 29 2020, GEN, Aud. A

PhyloSIB is an annual workshop with an emphasis on molecular evolution, phylogenetics and comparative phylogenomics.

Invited international speakers: Olivier Gascuel (Pasteur), Paul Thomas (University of Southern California)

The goal of PhyloSIB is the exchange of knowledge and the discussion of current studies and recent developments in phylogeny. Participants are typically developers of analysis tools, authors of databases, expert users and students on their way there. The meeting typically brings together around 40 persons from all across Switzerland.

These year’s PhyloSIB is hosted by the UNIL Department of Computational Biology.

Initiated in 2006 and organised many years by Brigitte Boeckmann from the Swiss-Prot group, the full-day meeting has been under the stewardship of the Swiss-Orthology group in recent years.

Registration (free, but required for coffees and lunch):
Full schedule (still subject to change):


  • Damian Szklarczyk (UZH)
  • Evgenia Kriventseva (UNIGE)
  • Christophe Dessimoz (UNIL)