R.Clerc, our new PhD students and postdoctoral fellows’ career mentor at the CIG

Your Needs in Career Mentoring at CIG

You’re a graduate student or a postdoctoral fellow at CIG
You’re wondering what career mentoring and guidance counselling in academic research can provide to you
You’re wondering about your professional career next step while only a few PhDs end up in academic research as principal investigator
You need advice while negociating in stress situations
You want to broaden your professional network, being in academia, privately own research, start up or outside of biosciences research. 

We at CIG are convinced that career mentoring is today’s most efficient instrument dealing with the working world and we would like to set up such a guidance counselling function with your valuable input. While being actively participating to a career mentoring platform with the University of Basel Switzerland as a faculty member, Roger G Clerc will be collecting any suggestions from members at CIG pertinent to this new function. He will then set up in collaboration with the CIG management team and the graduate student representatives what we believe will be a real asset for the successful professional future/career of our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Please let me know about your needs in career mentoring at CIG !

Roger G. Clerc PhD PD
CIG Room 3032   E-mail : rogerg.clerc@unil.ch