Trends Plant Sci.: co-auth.: C.Fankhauser

Trends Plant Sci. 2023 Aug 11;S1360-1385(23)00232-7.

 doi: 10.1016/j.tplants.2023.07.001. Online ahead of print.

25 Years of thermomorphogenesis research: milestones and perspectives

Marcel Quint 1Carolin Delker 2Sureshkumar Balasubramanian 3Martin Balcerowicz 4Jorge J Casal 5Christian Danve M Castroverde 6Meng Chen 7Xuemei Chen 8Ive De Smet 9Christian Fankhauser 10Keara A Franklin 11Karen J Halliday 12Scott Hayes 13Danhua Jiang 14Jae-Hoon Jung 15Eirini Kaiserli 16S Vinod Kumar 17Daniel Maag 18Eunkyoo Oh 19Chung-Mo Park 20Steven Penfield 21Giorgio Perrella 22Salomé Prat 23Rodrigo S Reis 24Philip A Wigge 25Björn C Willige 26Martijn van Zanten 27


In 1998, Bill Gray and colleagues showed that warm temperatures trigger arabidopsis hypocotyl elongation in an auxin-dependent manner. This laid the foundation for a vibrant research discipline. With several active members of the ‘thermomorphogenesis’ community, we here reflect on 25 years of elevated ambient temperature research and look to the future.

Keywords: high temperature signalling; hypocotyl; phytohormones; thermomorphogenesis; thermosensor.