Version 2. F1000Res.: auth.: group Dessimoz

Expanding the Orthologous Matrix (OMA) programmatic interfaces: REST API and the OmaDBpackages for R and Python.


The Orthologous Matrix (OMA) is a well-established resource to identify orthologs among many genomes. Here, we present two recent additions to its programmatic interface, namely a REST API, and user-friendly R and Python packages called OmaDB. These should further facilitate the incorporation of OMA data into computational scripts and pipelines. The REST API can be freely accessed at The R OmaDB package is available as part of Bioconductor at, and the omadb Python package is available from the Python Package Index (PyPI) at


API; R; REST; bioconductor; comparative genomics; hierarchical orthologous groups; oma; orthologous matrix; orthologs; paralogs; python

PMID: 31001419