Wed Oct 10, 2012 Sem. O.Munch GEN


Wednesday October 10, 2012

12:00, GEN room 4026

Dr. Olivier Munch
NanoString Technologies

 “NanoString nCounter: A new and better alternative to qPCR that eliminates bias, inhibition and pipetting

The nCounter System from NanoString Technologies uses direct single molecule fluorescent imaging to detect and quantify up to 800 targets in a single reaction direct from total RNA. The assay technology captures nucleic acid targets through hybridization, eliminating the need for reverse transcription and amplification by PCR, removing sources of bias and error. The multiplex probe assay reduces pipetting and the need for multiple reactions. The input is 100ng total RNA, there is no loss of sample from aliquoting nor gaps in data from gene dropouts and the system generates highly reproducible results over a 5-­log dynamic range with capabilities of measuring gene expression differences of less than 2-fold change.

Host: Dr Keith Harshman