Wednesday March 13, 12:15, GEN Aud B, Seminar cand. Prof Boursier: Tuncay Baubec


candidature professeur boursier FNS

Dr Tuncay Baubec

Friedrich Miescher Institute for

Biomedical Research, Basel, Switzerland

“DNA mehtylation

reading lessons from the genome”

Tuncay Baubec started his academic career studying Genetics and Microbiology at the University of Vienna. He earned his MSc in the lab of Prof. Denise Barlow at the Center of Molecular Medicine in Vienna for his work on replication timing and chromatin compaction at mouse imprinted gene clusters. For his PhD, he switched model organisms and joined Prof. Ortrun Mittelsten Scheid at the Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology in Vienna. During this time he studied the role of epigenetic mechanisms in maintaining heritable traits established upon changes in ploidy or environmental stress. After obtaining his PhD in 2009, Tuncay moved to the lab of Dr. Dirk Schübeler at the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel. Back to mammalian systems, he investigated the role of methyl-CpG-binding proteins in genome-wide DNA methylation readout and function. Results from his work will be discussed in light of current models of DNA methylation-mediated gene regulation.


Mercredi 13 mars 2013 à 12h15

 Auditoire B, Bâtiment Génopode 1015 Lausanne

Toutes les personnes intéressées sont les bienvenues.

Hôte : Prof. Christian Fankhauser