Welcome to Caterina!

Hi! My name is Caterina Cevallos and I am from Ecuador/Costa Rica. I did my bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Costa Rica and my Master’s degree in Bioinformatics at the University of Bologna (Italy). 

During my undergraduate studies, my projects revolved around Quantum Chemistry and Solid State Physics. As part of my coursework, I worked on accelerating the quantum mechanical simulation software package DFTB+, and right before commencing my graduate studies I did an internship at Imperial College London where I studied Peierls instability in 1D trans-polyacetylene.  

Driven by my fondness for programming, I decided to transition to Bioinformatics to explore a new set of questions, particularly those pertaining to Genetics. My Master’s thesis consisted in developing a deep-learning-based epigenetic clock for estimating age and age acceleration from methylation data.  

I am eagerly looking forward to pursuing my studies in Human Genetics by joining Professor Alexandre Reymond’s laboratory. 

About me: I love dancing in almost all its forms (from ballet to salsa and bachata), I am also passionate about learning languages so don’t hesitate to engage in tandem language exchange with me.  

See you around!