Welcome to René!

René Dreos  joined Prof. Gatfield’s group in August 2018 as a bioinformatician. He has a background in Biology: he graduated in Molecular biology from the University of Trieste (Italy) and did a joint PhD in Nanotechnology at the John Innes Centre (UK). Then he stayed at the JIC to work as a bioinformatician under the supervision of Dr. Wigge where he analyzed gene expression data in A. thaliana. He then moved to Lausanne in Dr. Bucher’s lab (EPFL) where he studied promoter features such as chromatin, transcription factor binding sites, SNPs and DNA motifs in Eukaryotic organisms. Now, at the UNIL, he is the bioinformatician of the NCCR RNA and Disease groups of the Leman lake area (Lausanne and Geneva).