2022 Call for CROSS Projects: RESPONSIBLE INNOVATION – Deadline Sep. 17, 2021

The Collaborative Research on Science and Society (CROSS) program facilitates interdisciplinary projects that address pressing societal and technological issues and that are carried out jointly by researchers at EPFL and UNIL. 

Through an annual call, CROSS provides competitive grants to support new seed research endeavors that have the potential to grow into full-scale interdisciplinary research projects. 

CROSS launches its 10th Call for Proposals!  
The theme for the 2022 Call for CROSS Projects is: Responsible Innovation.  

Engineering sciences and technologies have multiplied the human capacity to understand and transform reality. We are able to realize plenty of projects long thought impossible: landing on Mars, transforming the human genome, changing the way the climate is working. But should we carry out these projects? The question of the desirability of these projects is a crucial one for sciences and for society as a whole. Values such as prosperity, justice, respect for human beings and for the environment are at the core of these societal questions. 

This value-based questioning applies to all engineering sciences and technologies. It raises the question of the objectives of technological innovations, but also its methods. The challenge bears upon the “why”, but also upon the “how”. For life sciences, data-based technologies or climate engineering, these questions are crucial.  

In the meantime, virtually all human and social sciences address these values-based challenges and could contribute to identifying, framing and addressing these key societal issues. Economics, law, psychology, history, social sciences, political sciences, philosophy all contribute to the investigations on the conditions of just and responsible technological innovations. 

CROSS welcomes proposals dealing with responsible innovation by means of interdisciplinary research collaboration. Proposals must come from joint UNIL-EPFL teams, which bring together specialists in the human and social sciences on the one hand, with specialists from life sciences, natural sciences or engineering on the other. Projects are encouraged to involve stakeholders of innovation, citizens and other concerned groups in the research process. 

Up to six projects will be selected, with a maximum of CHF 60,000 awarded per project.
Submissions until September 17, 2021.
Notification of results: October 2021.
More information: https://go.epfl.ch/cross Contact: cross@epfl.ch