A cover of NAR by A.Stasiak’s group

A recent publication by A.Stasiak and his group was chosen for the cover of the latest issue of Nucleic Acids Research

Cooperative kinking at distant sites in mechanically stressed DNA 

T.A. Lionberger; D. Demurtas; G. Witz; J. Dorier; T. Lillian; E. Meyhofer & A. Stasiak
Nucleic Acids Research 2011; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr666, published online September 14, 2011

Cover Caption:

An artistic view of how low resolution cryo-EM studies of DNA minicircles revealed how DNA structure responds to high levels of torsional stress. Here, 3D reconstructions of DNA minicircles observed by cryo-EM are used to represent both the larger DNA minicircles and the bases in DNA, colored according to bending curvature. As shown, the underwound DNA undergoes cooperative kinking (shown in red) at two distant sites, causing the molecules to adopt highly elliptical shapes. The graphic is by T. A. Lionberger and A. Stasiak.

Nucl. Acids Res.-2011-Front-Matter_Back-Matter-i (1)

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