A second book about the exhibition of project in artists-in-labs

It features, Sylvia Hostettler, Vicenc Altaio, Josep Perello, Michael Hagner, Atau Tanka, Irène Hediger, Roman keller, Hina Strüver, Matti Wüthrich, Claudia Tolusso, Ping Qiu, Luca Forcucci, Pe Lang, Christian Gonzenbach, Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan, Monika Codourey, Alina Mnatsakanian, Pablo Ventura.

A copy can be borrowed at the central secretariat.

Think Art-Act Science is an exhibition of projects by artists who have engaged in dialogue with scientists from a variety of disciplines. All of the artists taking part in the Swiss artists-in-labs programme have done a nine-month residency in a scientific research institute or a university science department.

Think Art-Act Science explores the multiple dynamics of the collaborations that took the place in the labs. The works on show reveal the communicative potential of the artists’ responses to scientific research – preconceived perceptions of science and art were the first to be dynamited. The artistic researches have been articulated around three main areas of investigation: ecology and the environment, special awareness and the emotions, and the new technologies.

The exhibition project in Barcelona adds in a local component, with educational activities, discussion and research using methodologies that foster multidisciplinary creativity. The exhibition at Arts Santa Monica marks the start of a tour that will take the project to other cities in Europe, America and Asia.

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