A word from the CIG Direction – 18.06.2020

Dear all,
Whereas we are happy that life at the CIG is slowly getting back to normal, we should remind ourselves that we are not out of the COVID troubles yet. We urge you to act accordingly, and adapt your behavior to the circumstances. Some of the behaviors seen in the building on these last days and weeks are not adequate with the present situation.
– do keep distances with your colleagues
– do wear a mask if you are unsure about your ability to keep minimal distances.
– do desinfect and wash your hands very regularly (coming in the building, touching common material etc.)
– as sad as this might be, please do limit social interactions with colleagues at work.
– We do keep timesheets and we urge to adhere to them. This information will be paramount in the unfortunate case of someone being infected, as it might avoid to have the full center in quarantine. This is only valid if interactions are limited, in principle to the people within a group. Do avoid to go around other floors, eat in the building cafeteria close to colleagues you do not need to be close to for professional reasons.

– your PI is responsible for the timesheets. They will transfer us the information at the latest on the Monday at the start of the week concerned. Do absolutely respect the timesheets because of the above! Do inform your PI if some changes are exceptionally necessary.

– do avoid passing around material if it can be avoided.
– be respectful of your colleagues: what may be ok for you is not necessarily ok for them: they have a right to work in an environment they consider as safe as possible, without your judgment interferring! We do not want to overplay it, but small adaptations might make a big difference for colleagues.
if you have symptoms compatible with a COVID infection: immediately inform your PI, Nicole and Alex, and stay at home. Contact your medical doctor, or go onĀ https://coronavirus.unisante.ch/, do inform us of the results of the test.
– For obvious privacy reasons and to avoid any form of discrimination, we will not communicate to the entire building the names of people who might have contracted the COVID. We will (and have) inform(ed) the colleagues concerned, based first on timesheets, second on a list provided by the person, and on whatever pertinent information the PI can give us. We are doing and we will do our best to protect everybody of course!
Please do not hesitate to ask us, or/and your PI if you have any questions regarding the above. Your PI might also give you further recommendations which we strongly invite you to follow.
Thank you for your help in this matter!

Alexandre Reymond

Nicole Vouilloz