BIG SEMINARS 2022-2023

BIG seminars 2022-2023

Every first Monday of the month 16h15,
Auditorium Biophore Building
UniL-Sorge at Dorigny

Free entrance

BIG is an interdepartmental seminar series, and is organized by Olivier Delaneau, Julia Santiago, Yolanda Schaerli, Tanja Schwander and Nadine Vastenhouw

Philip A. Wigge, Leibniz Institute for Horticultural Science (IGZ), DE
7 November 2022

Eleftheria Zeggini, Technische Universität München, DE
5 December 2022 Postponed in 2023, information about the date will follow
The genomic aetiology of osteoarthritis

Erik Svensson, Lund University, Sweden
6 February 2023
Exploring the predictability of phenotypic evolution in an old insect group

Eva Top, University of Idaho, Moscow, USA
6 March 2023
“Loss of a multi-drug resistance plasmid
in spite of strong antibiotic selection”

Nicole Soranzo, Genomics Research Centre ‑ Population & Medical Genomics, Milan, IT
3 April 2023
“The genetic and molecular basis of complex human diseases”

Buzz Baum, MRC-LMB Cambridge, UK
1 May 2023
“The evolution of cell division: From archaea to eukaryotes”

Irene Miguel-Aliaga, Imperial College London, UK
12 June 2023
“The sex and geometry of inter-organ communication”