Career Chat on 12th of September at 18:00 at Irchel Campus Y03-G85 and online – organized by LSZYSN

Five panelists will discuss about opportunities, challenges and experiences in life science startups:

  • Martyna Wroblewska, Manager Innovation and Sourcing at BaseLaunch
  • Dr. Simon Bredl, Founder of Trojan Therapeutics
  • Dr. Gabriel Leventhal, CSO of PharmaBiome
  • Dr. Joshua Jordi, CEO of EraCal
  • Dr. Christian Jost, Co-Founder and VP Early Partnering of Athebio

Don’t miss this opportunity to get first-hand insights into life science startups and get to know the speakers at the apéro after!

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Martyna Wroblewska is a Manager of Innovation & Sourcing at BaseLaunch accelerator. BaseLaunch works with scientists and entrepreneurs and helps them build exceptional biotech ventures from scratch, by providing convertible loan financing, access to partners (Roche, J&J, CSL Behring, CMS, Roivant Sciences, BridgeBio, and Pureos Bioventures), and drug development expertise. She studied at the University of Zurich, and before joining BaseLaunch in 2021 worked for a Zurich-based biotech start-up as a Project Leader, where she was responsible for the design, development, and management of projects focused on oncology and vaccine development.

Simon Bredl is in the process of translating his cell based immunotherapy into the startup Trojan Therapeutics. Simon has a background in immunology, virology and molecular biology, with an interest in synthetic biology. After his Postdoc, he worked as a scientist for Redbiotec AG in Schlieren and was part of their success story. At the moment, Simon is working on monocyte-based immunotherapy, comparable to CAR T-cell therapy, for immunological cold, solid tumors.

Gabriel Leventhal is the Chief Scientific Officer of PharmaBiome, an ETH spin-off that is developing multi-strain bacterial consortia to treat diseases linked to the gut microbiome. Gabriel is originally a physicist and a mathematical biologist by training, but has been working in microbial ecology for the last 10 years. Following a postdoc at MIT, he returned to Switzerland to join PharmaBiome and push their mission of developing targeted microbiome live biotherapeutic consortium products.

Joshua Jordi has led EraCal as CEO since its inception. He is a biochemist from ETH by training and completed his PhD in physiology at UZH. Joshua invented EraCal’s foundational platform technology as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. EraCal was founded as a UZH and Harvard University spin-off in 2018 and aims to fight excess weight and obesity as the most widespread health risk globally by developing a novel drug candidate to reduce appetite.

Christian Jost is the co-founder of Athebio and studied DARPins and their biotechnological potential for nearly 10 years in an academic setting. He then extended his knowledge towards pharmaceutical drug development and became a Senior Scientist at Roche-Glycart. With his expertise from both academia and industry, Christian connects the biological ideas and needs of their Pharma partners with the possibilities of Athebio’s Athebody® DARPIn technology.