Congratulations to Shanaz on her Musy Prize!

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We are delighted to announce that Shanaz Diessler emerged victorious at the “EPFL Startup Champions Seed Night 2023,” securing the esteemed Musy Prize for her groundbreaking high-tech start-up project. The Musy Prize, awarded biennially, recognizes exceptional women entrepreneurs in the field of high technology, and Dr Diessler’s achievement is a testament to her ingenuity and entrepreneurial prowess. Congratulations to Shanaz on this well-deserved recognition of her visionary work!

Further information:

Welcome to Pedro!

Hi, I’m Pedro, a biologist from Portugal with a Master’s degree in Applied Biology from the University of Aveiro. My passion for aquariums and aquatic life support systems has led me to develop a strong background and experience in the field of aquaculture and fish rearing.

Currently, I’m working as a Technical Assistant in the CIG zebrafish room, where I provide technical support for the maintenance and management of the facility.
In my free time, I enjoy photography, particularly nature aquarium photography, as well as spending time exploring the great outdoors.
Overall, I’m a dedicated and passionate biologist who brings my enthusiasm and love of nature to all aspects of my life and work.

Welcome to Caterina!

Hi! My name is Caterina Cevallos and I am from Ecuador/Costa Rica. I did my bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Costa Rica and my Master’s degree in Bioinformatics at the University of Bologna (Italy). 

During my undergraduate studies, my projects revolved around Quantum Chemistry and Solid State Physics. As part of my coursework, I worked on accelerating the quantum mechanical simulation software package DFTB+, and right before commencing my graduate studies I did an internship at Imperial College London where I studied Peierls instability in 1D trans-polyacetylene.  

Driven by my fondness for programming, I decided to transition to Bioinformatics to explore a new set of questions, particularly those pertaining to Genetics. My Master’s thesis consisted in developing a deep-learning-based epigenetic clock for estimating age and age acceleration from methylation data.  

I am eagerly looking forward to pursuing my studies in Human Genetics by joining Professor Alexandre Reymond’s laboratory. 

About me: I love dancing in almost all its forms (from ballet to salsa and bachata), I am also passionate about learning languages so don’t hesitate to engage in tandem language exchange with me.  

See you around! 

Congratulations to Nouria Hernandez, Doctor Honoris Causa from CSHL!

Nouria Hernandez, Emeritus Professor at the CIG was also Rector of the UNIL between 2016 and 2021 and CIG Director before that.

Prior to joining the CIG, she served as Assistant Professor and then Full Professor at the Cold Spring Harbor School of Biological Sciences which is now awarding her the title of Doctor Honoris Causa. (See complete career path).
Congratulations Nouria!!!

Welcome to Laia!

Hi! My name is Laia Simó Riudalbas and I am from a beautiful town near Barcelona. I did my PhD in cancer epigenetics at the oncology hospital Duran i Reynals in Barcelona, then I moved to Switzerland to do a postdoc in the Laboratory of Virology and Genetics at EPFL, where I spearheaded the team’s newly launched cancer research effort.

A 1-year postdoctoral stay at the laboratory of Alexandre Reymond at the CIG will help me to consolidate the bases for my independent career by sharpening my skills in human genetics. Please do not hesitate stopping me in the corridors to speak about science!

See you around, Laia