Neuroview: co-auth.: T.Auer (group Benton)

NEUROVIEW| VOLUME 107, ISSUE 3P412-416, AUGUST 05, 2020

TReND in Africa: Toward a Truly Global (Neuro)science Community

Tom Baden,1,2,3, * Mahmoud Bukar Maina,1,3,4 Andre Maia Chagas,1,3 Yunusa Garba Mohammed,3,5 Thomas O. Auer,3,6 Ana Silbering,3,7 Lukas von Tobel,3 Marie Pertin,3,8 Renee Hartig,3,9,10 Jelena Aleksic,3,11 Ibukun Akinrinade,3,12 Mosab A. Awadelkareem,3,13 Artemis Koumoundourou,3,14 Aled Jones,3,15 Fabiana Arieti,3,16 Andrew Beale,3,17 Daniel Munch, € 3,18 Samyra Cury Salek,1,3 Sadiq Yusuf,3,19 and Lucia L. Prieto-Godino3,20.

TReND is a volunteer-scientist run charity dedicated to promoting research and education on the African continent. Focusing on neuroscience, we discuss approaches to address some of the factors that currently stifle Africa’s scientific development and our experience in implementing them.