CIG Seminars Fall 2015

Monday 12:15, Génopode, auditorium B, followed by sandwiches

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Monday September 28, 2015
Frederic Berger, Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology GmbH, Vienna, Austria
«Beyond the scaffold: histone variants index and regulate genome activities»
Host: Christian Fankhauser

Monday October 19, 2015
Phil Jones, University of Cambridge, UK
«Evolving stem cell dynamics during squamous carcinogenesis»
Host: Liliane Michalik

Monday October 26, 2015
David Gatfield, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
«Translation across time and space»
Host: Paul Franken

Monday November 9, 2015
Martin Jinek, University of Zurich, Switzerland
«Mechanistic framework for CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing»
Hosts: PhD students & Postdocs

Monday November 23, 2015 at 12:30
Thomas Bosch, Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany
«Towards an holistic understanding of an individual: novel perspectives in biology and medicine»
Hosts: PhD students & Postdocs

Monday November 30, 2015
Antony Hyman, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany
«Liquid-like compartments in cells: Implications for polarity and neurodegenerative disease»
Host: Winship Herr

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