Deadline for registration: May 20! CIG Symposium 2011 GENETICS OF BEHAVIOUR

The dates of the CIG Symposium 2011 are already known: June 20 and 21. The organizers are: Mehdi Tafti, Laurent Keller from the DEE and Sandi Carmen from the EPFL.

For “Genetics of Behavior”, the designed program will discuss the many ways in which organisms behavior is influenced by their genes and how the interplay between the genetic and environmental contributions lead to individual variations in behavior. By bringing together the best researchers studying important, but diverse, aspects of this topic, the organizers aim for a highly interactive Symposium that provokes new reflections on this fascinating research field.

The speakers who have already accepted our invitation so far are :

  • Wim Crusio, Université de Bordeaux et CNRS, Talence, France
  • Russel D. Fernald, Stanford University, USA
  • Jonathan Flint, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Oxford, UK
  • Ralph Greenspan, The Neurosciences Institute, San Diego, USA
  • Maria Karayiorgou, Columbia University, New York, USA
  • Ken Kendler, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical School, Richmond, USA
  • Christian Lüscher, University of Geneva, Switzerland
  • Trudy Mackay, N.C. State University, Raleigh, USA
  • Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany
  • Andreas Papassotiropoulos, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Alcino Silva, Gonda Neuroscience and Genetics Center, Los Angeles, USA
  • Larry Young, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, USA

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