Photo of Isabel Lopez Mejia

Isabel Lopez Mejia - Group Leader (Ambizione)

Photo of Esther Landaluce Iturriria

Esther Landaluce Iturriria - PhD Student

Hello everybody! My name is Esther Landaluce and I come from Ibiza (Spain). I did a Bachelor in Biotechnology and a Master in Advanced Therapies and Biotechnology Innovation both in Madrid. During this time I had the opportunity to do internships in Leiden (The Netherlands), were I worked in the development of a gene panel for the diagnosis of the Polycystic Kidney Disease and in the German Cancer Research centre, in Heidelberg (Germany), studying the trafficking and integration of rAAV within the mitochondrial DNA.

Before starting my PhD here in the group of Dr. Isabel Lopez-Mejia, I worked in biotechnology companies for one year in England. I am very excited about the opportunity to work with Dr Lopez-Mejia to study RNA metabolism in adipose tissue in conditions of obesity and insulin resistance.