D-Day: April 28, 2021

D.Day is an event aiming at the interaction between students of the FBM.
It is a one-day meeting organized by PhD students for students, where you have the chance to present your work and see what the others PhD from FBM are doing.
You can present your work either by getting a poster, a 15 minutes-talk or an “elevator pitch”, which is explaining your work in 3 min.

Information on registration: https://wp.unil.ch/dday/registration/


09:00 Welcome by ADAS

09:05 Antonella Fioravanti – Dpt, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.
Bacillus anthracis’ S-layer is a cell envelope load-bearing component

09:35 Student talk 1

09:50 5×3 min pitches

10:05 3×5 minutes sponsor presentations

10:20  Poster session 1 (odd numbers) and opportunity to talk to sponsors

11:00 Student talk 2

11:15 Student talk 3

11:30 Student talk 4

11:45 Simona Francese – Dpt, Sheffield Hallam University, United-Kingdom.
Fighting crime with lasers 

12:15 Lunch break

13:15 Student talk 5

13:30 Student talk 6

13:45 Hendrik Poorter – Dptmt, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany.
Meta-Phenomics: towards a ‘periodic table’ of plant responses to their a-biotic environment

14:15 5×3 min pitches

14:30 3 x 5 minutes sponsor presentations

14:45 Poster session 2 (even numbers) and opportunity to talk to sponsors

15:30 Student talk 7

15:45 Student talk 8.

16:00 Start-up talk: Samir Ounzain from HAYA Therapeutics.

16:30 Ieronymos Zoidakis – Deptmt, Biomedical Research Foundation Athens, Greece.
Trials and errors in the proteomic studies of bladder cancer

17:00 Presentation and Poster Awards, Closing remarks