DLA Virtual symposium: “Materials responding to daylight” – Sep. 17, 2019

DLA Virtual Symposium

“Materials responding to daylight”

17 September 2019

4.00–5.30 pm (CEST)


(Day)Light can cause many different responses. In three short presentations we will explore how light makes plants move, can induce physiological effects and change the properties of materials in buildings. The interdisciplinary view on a common phenomenon may help to inspire new approaches in drug design, smart material development and applications.





By Prof. Dirk Trauner
New York University (NYU), Department of Chemistry


Reaching out for the sun: mechanism underlying enhanced light access in plants
By Prof. Christian Fankhauser
University of Lausanne (UNIL), Center for Integrative Genomics


Smart Materials for Daylight Management
By Dr. Andreas Schüler
EPFL, Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Conversion