ECCB12 poster prize for A Bilican

Adem Bilican from Henrik Kaessmann’s group received the prize for the best poster at the ECCB 2012 meeting (the largest conference on computational biology in Europe) in Basel this week. What is remarkable is that this poster is not just a simple 2D poster, but, by applying something called “augmented reality”, Adem can make part of the poster visible in 3D through an Ipad/Iphone. His poster presentation was immensely successful during the whole ECCB meeting and was indeed dubbed the “poster of the future” during the award ceremony.

Here is link to a video of the award ceremony, during which Adem performs a live “demonstration” of his poster:

Adem and his poster were also highlighted in a major science blog about the conference:

Adem (office 3032) would be happy to make a personal live demonstration to anyone interested at the CIG and explain how this technology works (also in case people want to apply this to their poster design in the future…).