European Protein Engineering Congress, Frankfurt (DE) on Nov. 12 & 13,2019 (deadline: Sep, 20, 2019)

Bringing to light new biocatalysts and molecules not found in nature for industrial applications

With the emergence of enzyme and protein engineering for industrial applications, it’s no wonder that the global enzyme market is predicted to reach over $19 billion by 2025. Both industry and academia are looking to enzyme engineering to discover, generate and optimize new biocatalysts not found in nature for applications in pharma, flavour & fragrance, consumer goods and agriculture.

Introducing the European Protein Engineering Congress taking place in Frankfurt, Germany on the 12th – 13th November 2019 where you will explore case studies, applications and the latest research as well as hearing insights about the innovations driving API, bioactive and natural product manufacture from our line up of expert speakers. Download the agenda.

Why attend? 

  • Learn how to enhance your project and product pipelines from GSKGivaudan, and Roche as they discuss how they apply enzyme engineering to generate new molecules and active ingredients.
  • Hear from Donald HilvertFirmenich and Jason MicklefieldNPRONET on how they are approaching multi-model and pathway engineering for the synthesis of natural products, making your process development more sustainable and economically efficient.
  • Develop insight into the computational tools needed to generate enzymes not found in nature as Bernhard Hauer, University of Stuttgart explains how smart-library creation can aid faster protein discovery and Reinhard Sterner, University of Ragensburg speaks on ancestral sequence reconstruction for novel enzyme discovery.

“This congress is a must attend. With so many prominent speakers from academia and industry, attendees will without doubt have a unique opportunity to learn about the latest discoveries, technology, trends and industrial applications in the area of biocatalysis, strain, and enzyme engineering” – Uwe Bornscheuer, Professor, Biotechnology and Enzyme Catalysis, University of Greifswald

Register before 20th September 2019 to save up to €200 with our early bird pricing.