Génopode’s 3rd #HappyThursday

When? on the 18.02.2021 at 18:30
What? A murder mystery dinner Zoom conference!

“Oswald Zevern is the charismatic founder of Zevern Technologies, which has digitized child care. Zevern’s advanced child care app changed the world of babysitting. Of course, the app is supposed to be used in conjunction with a living breathing babysitter, but not everyone does that and it’s amazing how well the app keeps children entertained! It was great! Until Oz was found murdered during an employee retreat in Colorado. You’re a department head for Zevern Technologies. The company was supposed to go public in a month, a huge business deal that would bring in millions, perhaps billions, and make you and every other person at this meeting rich. It’s only a week after the murder and there’s an emergency conference meeting. What do you do now? Are you going to continue forward? Things will happen in the game that raise the stakes and affect you! CAN YOU FIGURE OUT WHO MURDERED OZ BEFORE THEY MURDER YOU?

This is a ≈ 1.5h – 2h long guided role-playing experience.
You play a role assigned to you by the host (us, the committee! 😎).
There are some basic parameters for your character, goals to achieve and secrets to keep, that are all described in less than a page that will take you less than 10min of your time before the game. But you’ll have lots of room to improvise and play. Talk, ask questions, enjoy being someone else, while getting to know your colleagues!

As always: The #HappyThurday is open to everyone from the Génopode, regardless of whether you are a student, PhD, Postdoc, staff member or PI.

You can join individually or specify up to three people with whom you would like to be teamed up (just drop us an Email with the names at cig_socialcommittee@unil.ch).

If you would like to join, just sign up on doodle:

!!! Please use a name with that we can identify you, because we will need to send you your character information a few days before the event! !!!

The CIG Social Committee 🎉
(Athena, Chiara, Lina, Linh, Nina & Noémie)