Group leader positions at the “Transdisciplinary Research Center on Longevity” of Institut Pasteur, Lille (France)

Call for group leader positions to reinforce the “Transdisciplinary Research Center on Longevity” of Institut Pasteur de Lille

Institut Pasteur de Lille has created in 2015 a Transdisciplinary Research Center on Longevity (CPER CTRL), where scientists are engaged both in basic and applied research on the biology of ageing and age-associated diseases. Molecular, cellular and environmental factors of ageing-related pathologies are currently studied through two main axes: “Genetics and environment” and “Immunity, Infection and Inflammation”. The CPER CTRL program is financially supported by Région Hauts de France, Métropole Européenne de Lille, French State and European Regional Development funds. Institut Pasteur de Lille is looking for 2 dynamic group leaders to reinforce and expand its current research program on longevity and healthy ageing. We encourage both young and already established outstanding researchers to apply. They are expected to develop ambitious and innovative research programs and to build privileged interactions with the existing teams within the campus. Successful applicants will benefit from a 3-year package of 900 000 € (300 000 €/ year, covering salaries, basic equipment, access to platforms & supplies) to create a new group. They will have access to office and lab spaces, as well as to state-of-the-art technological platforms available at the Institut Pasteur de Lille. The candidates must have a PhD and several years of research experience. Institut Pasteur de Lille is located in Lille (Northern France), a very active and enterprising city with a university of 70 000 students, close to Brussels, Paris and London. It is an independent non-profit private foundation created by Louis Pasteur in 1894, and devoted to biomedical research, education & health promotion, working in partnership with the University and Hospitals of Lille and research Institutions (Inserm, CNRS). The campus hosts approximately 800 employees, with 23 nationalities, 6 research units and 25 research teams (infectious and inflammatory diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, drug discovery center), 10 technological platforms (omics, cell imaging, animal facilities, BSL-2-3, mass spectrometry…) and 6 start-up companies
(see Annual report 2016 on our website: ) Applications must be written in English and include:

– a curriculum vitae (2 p. max)

– a description of scientific achievements (summary of 2 p. max, in addition to a list of publications & grants…),

– an abstract of the project (1-2 p.)

– a research program proposal fitting with the frame of longevity and healthy ageing research (20 p. max.).

– All projects addressing basic mechanisms of ageing, inflammation, prevention or treatment of age

-associated pathologies including those linked to infectious diseases are eligible

– Contact details for 3 professional references who can be contacted for recommendation letters.

Short-listed candidates will be invited at the Institut Pasteur de Lille to discuss their current and future research plans and to visit the institute. Applications should be submitted by email to
Deadline: November 15th 2017.
The final decision will be communicated by September 2018.