Group leaders positions open at the Imagine institute, INSERM Paris (FR)

 Imagine Call for Group Leaders 

Institut Imagine (Institute for Genetic Diseases) is inviting applications for group leader positions in multiple fields corresponding to already existing integrated clinical and scientific programs. Applications should be submitted to the Imagine Executive Committee by December 16th, 2022. Imagine Scientific Advisory Board interviews will then be scheduled in February 2023. 

Why join Institut Imagine? 

Institut Imagine, on the Necker Sick Children Hospital campus in Paris, is an interdisciplinary biomedical research centre, providing excellent core facilities for genomics, cell imaging, and bioinformatics together with creating animal models of human disease (mice, Zebrafish, and Drosophila). Additionally, Imagine strongly emphasizes translational aspects and innovative therapeutic options, including gene therapies. Imagine, supported by a private Foundation, is affiliated with Université Paris Cité, INSERM (French national institute for medical research) and the greater Paris Public Hospitals Group (Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris). 

As a research and healthcare Institute, Imagine focuses on a wide variety of genetic diseases, studying all aspects of from basic research to translational medicine with an ultimate aim of developing new approaches to therapy including gene therapy and gene editing. The Institute includes over 600 staff members in 28 laboratories organized in integrated care and research programs addressing genetics, immunology and infectious diseases, haematology, nephrology, developmental defects, neurosciences and bioinformatics. All groups address these issues with wet lab, computational approaches, or both. Their projects are deeply entangled with clinical units and referral centres for rare diseases affiliated to the institute. 

A call for applications in four fields 

The Imagine Institute is inviting applications for group leader positions in the following fields corresponding to already existing integrated clinical and scientific programs: 

  • Pathophysiology and biotherapies of genodermatoses / Gene and cell therapy in rare genetic skin diseases (including epidermolysis bullosa), interplay between skin and immune systems in rare and frequent inflammatory skin diseases (psoriasis, Netherton syndrome, Darier disease, …) 
  • Molecular and physiopathological bases of osteochondrodysplasia / Multiomics approaches to characterize the genetic bases of skeletal dysplasia, generating cellular and mouse models, primary cilia, proteoglycan, TGFβ signallings, novel therapeutic approaches. 
  • Genetics of Mitochondrial Disorders / Disease gene identification using omics technologies, pathophysiology and deciphering disease mechanisms, evidence-based clinical trials in mitochondrial diseases, gene therapy of Friedreich ataxia and POLG-related diseases. 
  • Genetics of the intestinal barrier / Implementing cutting-edge approaches towards molecular characterization and therapeutic approaches in paediatric and adult cohorts of severe intestinal disorders with genetic bases. 

Appointments will be made at a junior or senior level, depending on experience. 

Our most important criteria for recruitment are an excellent scientific background, an innovative research proposal, and the opening to translational research. 

Lab spaces, access to bio-collections and data-science centre, access to all Imagine and Necker core facilities, and funding support for the group leader positions (ahead of academic recruitment), will be guaranteed for 4 years, plus, 1 more year, upon SAB evaluation. 

Recruitment procedure 

Applications should be submitted to the Imagine Executive Committee at and must include: 

  • • A full CV, including a list of publications and grants obtained 
  • • Past and current research achievements and interests (2 pages) 
  • • Future research proposals (5 pages max) 
  • • Name and addresses of three referees for possible recommendation letters 

Further information will be found on :

Applications must be received by December 16th, 2022 midday (UTC+2). 

Imagine Scientific Advisory Board interviews for group leader positions will then be scheduled in February 2023.