InnoSTEP: a Proof of Concept or Prototype’s grant


InnoSTEP: a Proof of Concept Program

You have created an invention and need some funding to move your discovery into a mature technology? Apply for InnoSTEP, a Proof of Concept grant!

PACTT created InnoSTEP to encourage researchers to move their technology closer to market. InnoSTEP seeks to facilitate commercialisation of promising technology by increasing interest of potential licensees.

Typical projects funded by InnoSTEP are Proof of Concept studies or Prototypes with a grant  of up to 40,000 CHF.

InnoSTEP conditions

If needed, invention and software disclosure forms:
IDF form
SwDF Form

For more information please contact us:
Phone: 021 314 39 84 / 021 314 49 58 / 021 314 82 19