Invitation to the career seminar “Exploring the world outside academia and pharma industry”

Please register until January 16th! 


The CIG PhD students and postdocs would like to invite you to a career seminar for job opportunities outside academia and pharma industry.

Three speakers from different fields will give a talk about their career paths, followed by a short session about career services at UNIL for PhD students and postdocs.

Please register under the following link (even if you are not attending the Apéro):

For more information about the speakers, please scroll down!


Date: January 22nd, 16:00-18:00, Génopode, Auditorium A


After the talks, we will organize an Apéro for you to chat with the speakers about their experience and your opportunities.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The organizers

(Tanja Bhuiyan, Iris Finci, Ana Silbering and Laura Sposito)



About the speakers:

Ori Schipper, PhD

Communication Officer / Science Journalist

Swiss Cancer League






After studying biology at the Universities of Lausanne and Rome, Ori undertook his doctoral thesis in plant molecular biology at ETH Zurich. While he was editorial office manager of a scientific journal, he also got involved in writing news pieces. He led a team of clinical trial coordinators at the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research in Bern for three years. He turned back to writing and served for six years as Science Editor in the Communication Division of the Swiss National Science Foundation. In December 2014 he started his new job: communication of new findings in cancer research.


Thomas Marty, PhD, Executive MBA

Consultant / Higher Education Management


unnamed (1)

After working for many years in academic research, Thomas Marty decided to turn his talents to higher education consulting. He has gained experience with research and teaching in a variety of roles: as a scientific advisor for the Swiss parliament, as a representative of the scientific community in Brussels, as an employee of the Swiss National Science Foundation and as a management consultant at Berinfor. His main focus is always on giving teachers and researchers more control of their time. His views and proposals have been published in Nature(


Julie Deuquet, PhD

Project and team management

Former scientific officer at LS2 (Life Sciences Switzerland)

Current: Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences

unnamed (2)





After receiving her PhD in Biotechnology and Bioengineering from the EPFL, Julie Deuquet created the HFS (Hyaline Fibromatosis Syndrome) association during her postdoctoral training. Apart from her interest in helping patients with this rare disease, Julie also became active in associations working with young adults, in teaching and in scientific communication. She decided to direct her career towards project and team management and became the LS2 (Life Sciences Switzerland) scientific officer. Today, Julie is the project manager of the “Diabetes & Circadian Rhythms” department at NIHS (Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences) in Lausanne.


Short information session about the career services offered by UNIL:


Sabina Rondic

Service d’orientation et carriers, SOC

Career services for Master students and PhD students


Mélanie Bosson

Deputy to the vice-rector in charge of Junior Faculty development

Services for postdocs, finding opportunities outside the university